Hi there, it’s the first edition of viral content publish on this platform and I urge you guys to stay glued as many more is on the way. Today we will focus on WHY BLOGGERS GO AGAINST SOME ARTISTE(S) and a possible advice for both parties involve.


Firstly, it is important to know what could possibly bring the two (2) together from onset; Bloggers and Artiste kind of need each other but to an extend the Artiste needs the Blogger the most. Why am I saying this? It’s quite simple to explain, the Artiste right from day-one he needs a platform to get his/her song published on as an upcoming…during this period the Artiste tends to be humble as if he goes by the name “HUMBLE” while on stage and also at this point in time he tries his/her possible best to gain favor from even the least Blogger he/she knows.

It’s a good thing to be humble but also better if you remain humble even when you blow, not forgetting yourself and those that who support you through the journey to get to the top. Common! You shouldn’t let your newly found fame blind you to the basic facts of life because that same FAME can be turned to SHAME if you are not so careful.

Secondly, let’s see look at the reverse in the case of a Blogger; Bloggers are known to be the driving of any content, product and many industries. Yes, a Blogger can be right if he/she brags that he/she don’t need an Artiste and his/her MUSIC in order to earn income or pay bills. This tends to be very true because the Blogging sphere is very broad and he/she can choose to write his/her Blog to any NICHE (style) and still stay high in the game. For example LINDA IKEJI is known to be a Gossip Blogger, PROSPERITY KENNETH – Tech Blogger, JIDE OGUNSANYA – Tech Blogger, TAYYAB SAQLAIN ZAKKI – Tech Blogger, MAKINDE AZEEZ – Entertainment Blogger, BELLA NAIJA – Entertainment Blogger, MUSTAPHA AL-HASSAN – Entertainment Blogger, ASHER JOCOS – Entertainment Blogger and ALEX PARENTE – Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, all the above listed blogs have chosen their style and are doing great with it but can also switch at any point in time they want or even increase their NICHE to include certain things.

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There are numerous reasons why a blogger will want to go against an artiste and some of these reasons are listed below.

  • LESSON: the first reason why a blogger will go against an artiste is to teach him a lesson and to remind him that he is vulnerable even when he’s suppose to make hits with possibly a single or an album.
  • AGREEMENT: this might sound funny but sometimes some upcoming artistes go as far as signing an agreement with Bloggers. Agreements that the Blogger will be the one to handle all his/her online promotions and blahblahblah. But most times the artistes don’t keep their own end of the bargain – once they make a hit, they tends to sign new people to be in charge of what the Blogger was doing. Big mistake!
  • HUMBLE: more like a lesson to artiste – this act is mostly accompanied with the motive to HUMBLE the artiste.
  • KICK OUT OF THE INDUSTRY: this point is so important to note because when people start reading too many issue about you as an Artiste, you actually become a subject of discuss but in a negative way/impression.
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In conclusion I want to advise here that if you happen to be an Artiste or Blogger, there are many things you guys can achieve together as a team or probably a team – am talking in terms of revenue and fame. So always try not to step on each others’ toes.


Thanks for reading this short article and hope to hear from you via the comment box!